FDI in retail – boon or bane

 FDI in retail – boon or bane

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  • vijayshree sharma


  • krishna arya

    this is brilliant …i wished to get clear on this that what all this fdi is and see both the views if govt. af opposition… this now i got all knowledge i am also promoting your video on other news site!

    keep up good work!

  • Chandan

    Dr. Manish, I love to listen to your perspective on issues. It would be nice if there is slightly better coordination in Black and White. Do Took is equally great and Santosh ji draws great picture with very relevant points. In FDI-boon or bane, you raised a lot of questions but couldn’t answer most of them because of divergence from the issue. Upload your videos on youtube with various issues if that might help. I hate Congress and want it to go away forever from politics but BJP will also not make me happy. BJP will come to power because of people’s hatred against Congress and not because of any clarity on policies related to the welfare of nation. Please throw some light into the plus and minus points of BJP also. Once again, I love your thoughts and am giving you my honest feedback. May God bless you and your team for your great efforts. I am one of those millions in this country who are confused with what is going on in the country and desperately need clear perspective. On everything. Can you do stories (or atleast shed some light) on 1) all the riots which took place so far in India; and who was responsible when. what happened to the victims and accused. 2) how to manage modernity (science and Technology etc.) with our great culture; whats the optimum way; the balance. 3) Attractive info about 7 sister states so that we feel connected to that 4) Our relation with neighbors (china, nepal, srilanka, pak etc), how should we prepare our youth to better face the challenges posed by our neighbors. 5) Cause of Naxalism and possible remedies; should we hate it or not 6) Attractive info on our great culture so that our youth don’t blindly copy west. Thanks.

    • Gajendra Tyagi

      chandan wht you asked they are question that every one has and I also would like to know answer of them. Dr. manish you have brantley analyzed it.. keep it up.