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Rahul Gandhi at Ramlila Maidan

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  • chauthiduniya

    After gathering 1 lakhs people in support of fdi ,India government says that the whole in is with them.for your kind information India is not a country of 1lakh people.India is a country of 1,00,00,00,000 people. First bring atleast half of the people in support of fdi. then say that majority is with you.Otherwise go home.Indian government says that if we bring fdi in india,it will make our country developed and prosporous.I say that if you are really want to make India developed then why don’t you bring the black money in India from swis bank.That black money will make our country developed and then we will have lot of money for making cold storage.But you will not do so because you don’t want to develop India and Indian common only want to develop your bank balace and are really a killer of common and poor people of india.

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