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Aam Aadmi Party Exposed

Aam Aadmi Party ExposedB&W 12.11

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  • chauthiduniya

    Lie and Deception of AK needs to be exposed, he factually wrong on many issues be it passing lokpal in delhi assembly, giving free water,50% reduction in electricity tariffs. Most of election promises are economically not viable. Why most of delhi candidates are semiliterate (10th and 12th pass) when highly educated youth are working for the party in election campaigning as second grade party workers. It is just a coterie of 3-4 people close to AK speaking to the media others are asked not to speak.AAP made tall promises that it is people oriented party and election manifesto is set by people from individual constituencies, but on the contrarily none of its candidate has permission to speak to the media. People can’t judge the ability, capacity of deaf and mute candidate who is subservient to Kejari. Do the candidates himself/herself aware of the promises made by Kejri in the manifesto? What is their stand on local issues? It is very valid question if people are setting their manifesto then those who are representing the people are not talking to the media, journalists, we don’t know how the speak and are they really believe in what is promised. Internal emergency omposed by Kejari will not help AAP supporter.

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